It's easy to get pulled into large-scope problems on social media.  And we should.  They're important.  

It becomes a problem when we let it affect our internal state so much that we end up contradicting what we preach on social media with our actions in the here and now.  We become jerks. 

There's always time and energy to be kind.  

We have it easy.

"I wish I could ... "  The fact is, any of us can.  We just tell ourselves a story about why we can't.  

We have it easy.  We can start something and reach the entire world.  Right now.  It just takes showing up and doing the work.  Things just get scary sometimes.  Courage, remember?


If we are truly honest with ourselves then we are in a constant state of tweaking our view of reality closer to what is actually real.  Part of that is recognizing the fact that we tell ourselves stories about who we are and how we fit into this world.

Everyone has stories.  

Let's drop our story long enough to ask "how are you?" and mean it.