Separate creating and editing.

There's a bad habit running rampant around us.  It's called continual editing.  Whenever we make something we judge while we make it.  It all started with myspace and social media.  Bite-sized snippets of words had to be curated, lest we make fools of ourselves on our timeline.  The result of all this timid creating is a world that consumes media and is an expert in the 280 character frame.  Who's writing the books? The plays?  The code?

It's the guy who has unlearned to continually weight his creation.  He has learned to let go, to create.  

Good things happen when we put down the shackles and let ourselves fly.  

Separate creating and editing.  Creating is flying in an airplane.  When you fly you should only focus on moving forward.  If you don't move forward, you fall.  

Editing can be done later.