Aiming high is a double-edged sword.  On one hand we accomplish amazing feats.  On the other hand we often fall short.  So how do we reconcile the two?  It's easy to become depressed when we fall short consistently when aiming for the stars, because no human routinely engages in success again and again until their death. 

My son taught me that today.  He's almost two.

Before I had a kid, I thought I was pretty good.  I had life figured out.  I was the shit.  

Now I'm faced with this tiny human that acts like both a grand mirror and a new set of perscription lenses.  

I see, oh so clearly, that I'm imperfect.  I'll never be a perfect dad, no matter how much I want to be.  

And that's ok.

But what options do we have after we realize that perfection is not to be had, but chased?  

We chase.  We strive.  We embrace our imperfection.