When Someone Says "Hey You Suck!"

If we want to get good at something we have to suck first.   No one starts out at something valuable and automatically does well.  Think Olympics.  Nobody gets into the Olympics on talent.  Sheer hard work and consistency is what it's all about.  It takes years and years to get to the Olympics.  Helen Maroulis studied one opponent for 4 years in preparation for the Olympics.  She went on to become the first American to win gold in women's freestyle wrestling at the Olympic games in 2016.  It's that kind of consistent hard work that cannot be denied.  Nobody ever sees the day-to-day grind though.  There's no short cut.  Just work.  

The only other thing that matters is starting, and with starting anything, it's going to be awkward.  When we start anything, we suck.  There's no way around it.    

"Hey you suck!"

Yeah, but I'm out here starting something and I'm putting in the hard work day after day.

See you in 4 years.