Looking Back

If you're like me then you are constantly pushing.  Your mind is always focused on the next thing.  While it's great for getting things done, it's terrible for enjoying the moment.  It's something I have always struggled with.  

It takes a moment to realize that we have fallen into a rut of productivity.  We put blinders on and get to work.  When that happens, life passes us by.  We accomplish much and experience little.  

Let's dig a little deeper.

We sometimes use "pacifiers" to avoid dealing with uncomfortable feelings and thoughts.  Instead of facing our thoughts and fears, we turn to alcohol, drugs, screen time, meaningless productivity, and an endless list of other feel-good devices that we unknowingly employ.  Productivity, or the chase of productivity, has been my drug of choice for many years.  Since my time in the Marine Corps I have been completely focused on the next thing.  I have done much without enjoying where I am.

Today, I look back and practice gratitude for where I have been and what I have done.    

I'm glad my dad expected much of me.
I'm glad that I stood on yellow footprints in San Diego.  
I'm glad I covered my neighbors' shift as bouncer at a local bar on Christmas weekend.  
I'm glad I sold my most valuable possessions to help people succeed in fitness.
I'm glad I embraced becoming a father.

What blows me away is the fact that each of these was difficult in the moment.  Yet each of these profoundly shaped who I am.  

Maybe we need to embrace more difficulty.  

Maybe we need to ask ourselves "how will I look back on this?"