The Habit of Shipping and Execution

There's a dangerous way of thinking that's been ingrained into our subconscious: An A is better than a B.  While that's true, and A's tend to get us father than B's, it's dangerous because we tend to be our own worst critics.  We work on what we think is a B-grade thing when in fact it's already an A because it's now.  The world needs it now, not tomorrow.  That's called shipping.  

The B+ "ship" that ventures out into dangerous waters will always receive flack from A+ ship in port.  "We could do that soooo much better."  

Yeah, well we're out here doing it.

Shipping is like completing, only better.  Once it's shipped, we don't get it back.  There's no second edition.  It's out there, in the hands of the world.  If we complete something but don't ship it, it means nothing.  Shipping is the final throw.  It's a commitment to go from our hands to their hands.

The thing is, in order to get better at the thing we do, we need to ship continually so much that it becomes a habit.  That's how we get better at the thing.

(if you don't know what the thing is then read How Will You Measure Your Life?  I'm reading it now and it's blowing me away.)