The Cost of Values: Integrity

Saying that we have values is easy.  Living out values is hard.  It costs us something.  This especially goes for integrity.  Why walk the walk when talking the talk is so much easier?  Nobody will even know the difference (at least for now).  

Because the real magic is in the long term.  It goes beyond the infantile 'now' mentality.

When we act with integrity, we invest in future relationships.  The only thing is, there's no visible ROI.  

I am blown away when I interact with an organization that speaks of integrity and then acts with integrity.  They talk the talk, then walk the walk.  I vividly remember seeing this and thinking "I want to be that."  It's integrity.

After all the talking is done, let's make sure we walk the walk.

It's incredibly simple, yet often overlooked in individuals and the organizations that they make.

Here's the values of