Discipline = Freedom

No part of me wants to write tonight, yet here I am.

It's easy to get trapped into thinking that we need to chase happiness.  This chase is a dead end, often resulting in temporary moments of pleasure that are soon replaced by emptiness.  Fulfillment is what we usually look for without knowing it.  And sometimes it's hard to remember that our surest way to fulfillment is through discipline.  

A commitment to discipline is uncomfortable and unpleasant.  But the payoff is beyond worth: a life full of meaningful achievement and purpose.

Note: I read somewhere that clear writing is clear thinking.  The more I write the more questions I have and the more clear things become.  

Here's the values I've come to value so far.  I guess they could be the beginning of my list of principles.
1. Truth
2. Discipline
shout out to Rohan for his inspiration.

I'm putting together a 30 day key-habit challenge for myself.  It'll be starting in May.  If you want to join make sure to sign up in my email list on the home page.