Perfection is awesome.  And it's terrible.

The idea of perfection keeps us from even trying.  

Worse yet, when we 'fail' we tend to give up.  There's a gap in logic there.

The definition of failure includes "defeat."  In order for us to fail, we need to be defeated somehow.  

So when we give up, we admit defeat. 

The thing is, nobody is holding us back.  Nobody is making us give up.  It's just us.  

We have a choice every time something doesn't have the desired result:

  1. Accept defeat.
  2. Learn and move forward.

Every failure is the chance at learning something.  We become stronger every time we actively learn from failure.  It makes us mentally tough.  Conversely, we forego exponential growth and learning when we don't use failure as a tool.  

Perfection is overrated.  Go fail at something and learn from it.  If you can do that again and again, nothing can stop you.