Play Chess

For decades the smartest path has been gathering ducks to put in a row: good grades, college, internship, entry-level position, etc.  Then, once we had enough ducks we could start something.  Now everything is different.  We live in a one-duck economy where anyone can start anything from a tiny computer in their pocket.  For free.  To include access to mass amounts of information.  Getting our "ducks" in a row is not only a waste of time, it's outdated.  Gone.

With the accessibility of starting something with just one duck, the world is getting flooded with new businesses and ventures.  How could we possibly compete?

We show up.  We do great work.  We do it again and again and again.  We get so good that they can't ignore us.

It's too simple.  But it's effective.  It's like strategy in chess.  You can implement all the strategies you want, but keep the focus on the King.  Don't be distracted by pawns, rooks, or even the mighty Queen.  

When everyone else is playing checkers, play chess.