30 Day Challenge - Day 1: Pay Attention

Focusing on the big picture is great.  We see much, and make deliberate decisions based on the grand scope.  We have a set course.

But once the course is set, it's time to pay attention and invest in the details: the quality of our knots, the stitching in our sails, the morale of the crew...

Is business, our commitment to not only an outstanding product or service, but remarkable customer experience.

In fitness it's our commitment to not just eating the right things, but measuring the intake.

In life it's our commitment pay attention, engage, and invest our time minute by minute.  

Because once they are gone, they are gone.

hey.  today starts the 30 day challenge.  

  1. Throw away the snooze button
  2. Meditate for 5-15 minutes every morning.
  3. Journal everymorning these three things:
    1. 3 things you're grateful for
    2. 3 things that would make today great
    3. 3 Daily affirmations ("I am...")
  4. Take a book everywhere you go
  5. Train yourself - walk more, lift more, do more.