Aim High

Boredom is a common plague in our culture because it is becoming easier and easier to scrape by.  

The thing is, we are getting tired of scraping by.  We are tired of struggling.

Before we ever get started on the upward path, it takes setting our sights higher than we are used to.

Why don't we aim higher more often?

Because it's uncomfortable.  It's scary.  It opens us up to the possibility of failure.  Worse yet, others will laugh at our efforts.  They'll hope for our failure, because either they failed too or because they didn't act with courage to overcome their fear of moving forward.  

Here's where the magic happens: first people will laugh and/or ignore us.  Then they'll ridicule us.  Then they'll hate us.  These are all sequential indicators of budding success.  Someone is laughing at us?  Good.  Oh, now they're ridiculing us?  Even better!  It just means we are moving in the right direction.

Aim so high that it scares you, then aim a little higher.