30 Day Challenge - Day 5: Refocus

We have a hidden power that not many of us use.  I'm talking about budgeting our time.  When we budget our time by blocking hours in our day, we are making the decision beforehand about what's important.  This frees us from the surmounting todo lists and the constant decision of "what next?"

The thing, though, is that it's incredibly easy to ignore while at the same time easy to do.  It helps harness our most precious resource: time.  

There's so many little things to remember to do, it's almost impossible to remember them all.  It's only when we create a system and commit to it that we have a chance.  

What's most important is that we do not give up when we forget to block our time, or budget our money, or track our food, or lift weights, etc.  

Return, refocus, and take steps forward.

It's also worth it to look at our relationship with ourselves.  We have come a long way, and it'll only get better.  We just need a reminder sometimes that we are awesome.

I mean it.  You're awesome.