BOOM gets a lot of attention.  It's loud, and grabs at us.  Pop ups, flash sales, anything with the word "FREE!" in it.  

Quiet, on the other hand, is pure gold.  No grabbing, no getting, just existing.

Trees are quiet.  Think about that.  No sound.  They don't need attention, and they need very few things to be strong and thriving for hundreds of years: sun, water, dirt, and air.

We expect trees to be there, unchanging, and always doing the same thing.  When it's gone, we quickly realize something is off.  That's because we take for granted that trees are really good at one thing: being a tree.

Doing one thing remarkably well is hugely underrated in our culture.  Everyone wants to scale, to take shortcuts.  Everyone is shouting.

We can join them, or we can enjoy the quiet.  We can grow strong with just the things we need over years and years, and our little hill will be better for it.