A couple years ago someone introduced me to podcasts.  I can't believe that I have never given them a shot before that.  That discovery brought about significant growth that has changed my life and the lives of my family.

That's how life goes.  One thing connects to another thing and then a year later we are significantly more aware in many different aspects.  It's like a tree of knowledge that sprouts from one thing. 

I can trace many things back to my introduction into podcasts: this blog, Derek Sivers, Rohan Rajiv, Seth Godin, the reason I don't have popups on my business website, Cal Newport, Naval Ravikant, the craftsman mindset, many books and interviews, and so many others.  

Without a doubt writing on a semi consistent basis and publishing it to the world has propelled me forward the most.  

If you have a blog or know one that you think I'd love, then I'd love to know about it.  

If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.