Am I Blind?

Language is important because it makes up the framework in which we think.  It helps us form our map by which we live our lives.

That's why when someone says something intentionally harmful (whether on the internet or face to face) it matters.  It does something to us regardless of how mature, self aware, or mentally tough we are.  It leaves a mark on our map.

Some people do not realize this.  "They're just words" is their reaction.  How could they be so blind?  

Knee-jerk responses on our part are often fruitless.  Our default response is to react when we should be taking a moment.  When take the time to breathe and listen to our mind, we create the empty space where we are free to ask the hard questions that help us move forward.  That's where the magic happens.

Am I missing something?  Am I blind too?  How do we build a community that moves forward?

This post was inspired by Rohan Rajiv and his post Stinking of curry.