Simple, but Good

Since starting this blog I've talked in generalities that hopefully might apply to most people.  Since then my learning has ventured deeper into specific learning of myself.  When I learn something I assume "everybody deals with this and learns this" but of course, not true.

I found myself assuming that certain traits are exclusive and others are more likely paired.  Example: The "bad guy" in an old comic.  He's unintelligent, physically unappealing, and wishes harm on others.  Our "good guy" is the opposite: highly intelligent, good looking, and cares about the general well-being of strangers.  

The thing is, we group all of those traits together and give it a overarching stamp.  We make "unintelligent" a bad thing reserved for bad people just like we reserve "highly intelligent" for good people.

We do that for almost every human trait.  

Think about that.  

  • Aslan was dangerous, but good.
  • The Iron Giant was simple and unintelligent, but good.

We could go on forever.

Me?  I like simple.  Simple, but good.  (but I'm learning)