There's a lie out there that keeps us down.  It's invisible, quiet, and powerful.  We are fed the lie from when we are born and all through our growing up.  It's rarely questioned or challenged.

It's the belief that we are significant.  That every little thing we do matters.  

Yes, people are special and I'm special (my mom will agree) I'm talking about individuals in and of themselves.  

Think about it.

You are one person.  There's 7 billion others.  On one planet.  In one galaxy.  In one universe.    

We might as well be ants.  Bacteria.  Infinitesimal.

That's not even considering time.  Without a doubt three generations from now nobody will know you existed.  There will be no works, no memory, and no imprint.  Gone.   

If you're like me then this realization brought about some negative emotions.

Then it raised some questions:

  • What's my purpose here?
  • Is "good" even a thing?
  • What matters to me?
  • If me, my family, and everything I know is insignificant then what IS significant?

Then it brought about some more harsh realizations:

  • The past and the future do not exist.  Only this moment.  Therefore, time is all anybody has.
  • Seeking pleasure is a dead end.  Only fulfillment brought about by doing the hard stuff (discipline), and being present in the moment (gratitude).
  • We always have the choice of attitude.  Therefore, I choose to be happy.  (the same muscle as gratitude)
  • The importance of things is placed by us.  Therefore, my work is important.  My time is important.  My wife is important.  My son is important.

We are nothing in the universe, and we are everything to someone.

Therefore, we are nothing without each other.