Do The Hard Stuff

There's a lot of flash associated with owning a business.  Lots of cool little steps: signage, registering the business, certification, insurance, equipment, marketing, etc.  Someone can work on this stuff for eternity and not get anywhere.  When we ask them "hey Dan how's the new business coming?" We get "Great!  Working on marketing and getting cool signs and print material and a cool website and ... "  It goes on forever.  

If we're not careful, the thing we are building will just be a monstrosity of "efficient" without any "effective."  

What does Dan's business do?  Is it doing that?  Right now?  For anyone?  Why not?

Because the value we bring to the table is in doing the hard stuff: the thing that nobody else can do quite like we can.  

When we make a habit of showing up consistently, doing the hard stuff, and seeking out scary opportunities, we make something huge.  

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."  Thomas Edison.

Do the hard stuff.