"What To Do When It's Your Turn" Highlights

This book is great.  I'm almost finished with it.  Here's what stuck out:

"These people, in fact, all the people you admire, aren't better than you.  They're merely willing to live with the duality of work/not work, they care enough to fail, and they're focused enough to ship their work and take their turn."

"Not everything has to be okay.  Perhaps it might be bettter for everything to be moving.  Moving forward, with generosity.  Moving forward, with a willingness to live with the tension.  Moving forward, learning as you go.  The person who fails the most, wins."

"How motivated you are today has nothing to do with the opportunity and the obligation you face."  (looking at the work in front of us as a wonderful obligation is fresh take.  I love it.)

"Motivation is for amateurs."  Chuck Close

". . . the only long-term way to make it as an artist is to do it from a position of generosity, of seeking to connect and change people for the better.  But generosity, while it sometimes leads to it-feels-like-winning can never be based on winning, because winning requires other people to lose."

"It's never the right time."  (Talking about starting a business, a family, taking a risk, etc.

"At night, clouds can float in front of the moon, but it doesn't change the fact that the moon is still there.  There's nothing at all we can do about the clouds, and trying to will away our anxiety or to wait until we're in the mood to do our best is an invitation to frustration."


the design of this book is pure gold.  If anything, it was a joy to flip through because of design.  Seth Godin has made a masterpiece.