Don't be the rooster.

A rooster puffs up his chest, struts around, and let's everyone know within hearing distance that he's the king.  "I AM THE KING!  THIS IS MY TOWN!  SEE HOW TOUGH AND BIG I AM!"

Meanwhile, the farmers dog is quiet, loves to play, doesn't offer a thing that's useful, and let's you know he's REAL glad to see you each and every time.  

Nobody misses the rooster when he's gone.  Losing your dog is gut-wrenching.  

When you put something out to the world, are you posturing like the rooster?  Or enriching the lives of others like the mutt at the foot of your bed?  

99 percent of all content out there is posturing.  I realized this for my own website as well, and I apologize for it.  

The fact is, I know most of you that read this site.  And I think you're literally the coolest bunch of people I know.  I hope your day is full of ear scratches, playing fetch, and tail wagging.