being manly

Masculinity is a funny thing.  Is it:

  • Loud?
  • Assertive or aggressive?
  • Abrasive?
  • Stubborn?
  • Self serving?
  • Strong/tough?

Many would think so.  "You gotta be tough if you wanna be a man!"  While that may be true, it also applies to being a woman.  So what makes a man 'manly'?

We tend to find problems in the absence of problems.  Some men confuse this for finding perceived threats.  

Threats, whether real or perceived, turn people (and men) into jerks.

The trick is in opening our eyes wide enough to see reality for what it is.  

There's way more need for strength in hugs and comfort than there is with violence.  Build when it's time to build.  Love when it's time to love.  Lift each other up with your strength.  And don't forget to protect others who can't protect themselves.  With your strength.