Growing is a good thing.  If you’re me, it’s what life is all about.  Learning, growing, and passing on.  One thing that’s easy to forget is that not everything valuable has a direct effect on growth, but we value it anyway.  What am I talking about?

I’m talking about warmth.  We all know someone that when we see them, they make us feel good about ourselves.  They give warmth.  Not for how productive we are or how much status we have, but because they have love in their hearts for us.  I hope you know someone like that, and I hope you see them often. 

The magic happens when we get to provide that warmth for others around us.  It takes strength, and it takes going through the fire of growth to be able to provide that. 

Or it just might require four legs and a wagging tail. 

Either way, give warmth today.