We are turkeys

Mr. Turkey is a good bird.  He works hard pecking the ground, loves his fellow turkeys, and tries to go to church on Sundays.  He loves everyone, especially the butcher.  

The butcher is a wonderful human.  He feeds Mr. Turkey's community with equal amounts of love.  Good food in good company.  What could be better? 

In fact, studies show (according to Turkey Today) that things have never been better.  Every week they get more food and there has never been a downturn in the economy, EVER!  Things will only go up, forever!  

Then comes turkey day.  Mr. Butcher doesn't bring food, but an ax.  How can this be?  Mr. Turkey's predictions never saw this coming!  He'd been in charge of predicting how much turkey food they would get every week.  He has projections out to 5, 10, and 20 years.  

Things get violent, then there's quiet.  

Then there's a community of new young turkeys.  Getting fed, enjoying life, loving the butcher, projecting positive futures to infinity.  

Unfortunately, we are all turkeys.  

Fortunately, the time we get is a gift. 

Memento Mori