My favorite resources

Here's a growing list of all my favorite resources that have made a positive change in my life.  


  • Rohan has been posting something every day for almost a decade.  Large influence in starting my own blog and writing consistently.
  • Seth Godin The guy that started it all for me.  If you don't know who Seth is then you're missing out.  Short, sweet, and powerful.
  • Derek Sivers  Simplicity meets effectiveness.  Made a multi million dollar company then sold it and gave the money to charity.  A personal hero.
  • Naval Ravikant Angel investor with a gift for learning, understanding, and teaching.
  • Shane Parrish runs the blog over at which dives into topics like none other that I've read.  A stark contrast to the clickbait we are bombarded with.

Web based

  • Pomodoro Tracker - It's essentially a 25 minute timer with a 5 minute break.  Best used in Google Chrome.  I open this every time I'm on a laptop or desktop.  A must.  10/10
  • Basecamp - A great way to manage a team, projects, or household.  100 dollars per month with unlimited users.  Truly awesome way to manage teams and projects.  Great way to eliminate outdated email strings.  Another must.  10/10/
  • Trello - Free collaboration tool that uses lists, cards, and boards.  Great for projects, vision boards, etc.  9/10.

IOS Apps

I'm an iPhone user.  If you use anything else you should probably reevaluate your life.

  • Productive - A simple IOS app that helps to turn tasks into habits.  I use it everyday.  10/10.
  • Forest - This simple app helps you put the phone down, focus, and be present... and plant real trees.  10/10


  • Sam Harris - A great show that has helped to open my eyes and the eyes of many others.  A major inspiration for the FOD Poject.  He's also the one who opened by eyes to the amazing feats of St. Jude's.
  • Common Sense - Another eye opener, only this time it's political.  Dan Carlin isn't preaching, he's just asking hard questions that I think everyone can stand to wrestle with.  
  • Derek Sivers interviewed by Tim Ferriss.  Founded CD Baby then sold it all for millions.  Now lives a quiet life and has much to teach.  
  • Naval Ravikant interviewed by Shane Parrish.  I have listened to this podcast 3 times.  It's that good.

Do you have any resources that you prefer that help you out?  Let me know.